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Banzon Blog
Tuesday, 1 December 2009
Finally....Lolo (Grandfather) Don Manuel Banzon's photo
Mood:  energetic

Here it is finally.....if you go to the homepage of the Banzon website, and click on the Banzon Photo Album link which contains pictures of various relatives (mostly of the Don Manuel Banzon clan of Balanga, Bataan, and click on the third page of the photos, there is the photo of Don Manuel Banzon as a young man (complete with monocle))...Interesting to see! Thanks to Victor Ancheta for usage permissions.


Actually, to make things short, here is the direct link to the photo: (if link doesn't work, copy and paste onto address bar of browser)


Posted by banzonfamily at 7:58 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 1 December 2009 8:00 PM EST
Thursday, 16 July 2009
Don Manuel Banzon group on Facebook

There is a new group on Facebook, the Don Manuel Banzon family group. It is a means for the family of Manuel Banzon to communicate with each other, plan reunions, etc. Don't forget to join!


Posted by banzonfamily at 11:47 AM EDT
Don Manuel Banzon's photo on Flickr

Hello everyone

Just a note to say sorry for the link below (to access Don Manuel's picture when he was young) being inaccessible. I immediately signed up for an account with Flickr (you have to sign up for a yahoo one too) and emailed Victor Ancheta, who is the proprietor of that photo, for permission to have a copy. As soon as I can and if I'm able, I'll post it to the photo gallery with Victor's approval.



Posted by banzonfamily at 11:43 AM EDT
Tuesday, 9 December 2008
Picture of young Don Manuel Banzon
Mood:  chatty

Click on this link to see a picture of a young Don Manuel Banzon (Balanga, Bataan)

Yours faithfully! (just getting fancy here)




Posted by banzonfamily at 11:31 PM EST
Facebook Banzon group
Mood:  rushed
Topic: More Banzon relations

Me again! Your friendly webmaster!

Just wanted to talk about Facebook. If you're on Facebook (or just join, if you want) and didn't know about it yet, there's a private, invited/approved members only group for all Banzons. Meet yet more people who may be your 1st, 2nd, cousins. First go to the "groups" tab. In the search box, type "banzon", and choose the "Banzon Family" group, usually the first on the list. Enjoy! (Not that I'm giving you a recipe or something!!!)

Lisa is the website

By the way, this group in FB has about 10 members currently. You're welcome to join!

Posted by banzonfamily at 11:00 PM EST
Email From Jose Paulo Banzon Tuazon
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: More Banzon relations
Hello everyone, this is your friendly webmaster, Lisa, sending you another update. Got another email from a wonderful, very friendly Banzon cousin who requested additional names to be added to the Don Manuel Banzon of Balanga, Bataan family tree. Do write him and introduce yourself or if you know each other, keep up with each other.....Email me to get his email address! (my email:
Take care everyone!
Below is what he sent:
(Bold and underline are of my doing)
This is Jose Paulo B. Tuazon. I am one of the three sons of Anna Maria Aurora Stella "Annie" Banzon (her name is only Anna Maria in the family tree; she is one of the daughters of Manuel Banzon Jr married to Agripina Consunji). My mom Annie is married to Engr. Eduardo V. Tuazon of Balanga City, Bataan. I have two other siblings namely, Jose Martin B. Tuazon and Julio Jose B. Tuazon. I am married to Veronica Michelle Sanchez, and we have a daughter named Cielo Luz Beatriz Sanchez-Tuazon. Hope you could squeeze in our names in the Banzon family tree! Thanks a lot! Continue your wonderful work in our family tree! God bless and Mabuhay po Kayo!
Jose Paulo B. Tuazon

Posted by banzonfamily at 10:40 PM EST
Sunday, 13 July 2008
Anyone know Sheryl Banzon Castillo?
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: More Banzon relations

Received email from Sheryl B. Castillo couple days ago: (Please contact if you know any names listed below) 


I am also on a search for my roots.

Atty. Filoteo Tiangco Banzon (born 1916, died 09/01/1991) in Balanga, Bataan. His mother was Josefa Banzon.


Loretta Guevarra Solomon Banzon
(born 07/08/1921)in Pilar, Bataan
Her mother was Victoria Guevarra.

Their daughters:
Elenita Banzon Mendoza
Josefina Banzon Velasquez
Victoria Yolanda Banzon Gan
Evelyn Banzon 
Maria Eleanor Banzon Castillo



Note: To contact Sheryl and get her email address, please contact webmaster, Mona Lisa Banzon  Aspiras, first at Thanks.

Posted by banzonfamily at 12:08 PM EDT
Sunday, 14 October 2007
Family Tree of Cherry Banzon Miranda
Mood:  happy
Hi. I am the son of Rosalina Banzon Flusa. I am very happy to come across with this blog while surfing the net. My name is Albert Flusa Banzon and if you know my sister or my mom let me know, I dont know where they at, is good to know that you visit the great parents.

Posted by alflusa at 5:41 AM EDT
Tuesday, 11 September 2007
Lolo Manuel Banzon's picture in the early 1900's
Here is a picture of Lolo Manuel when he was young - probably in his
thirties or so....My brother came upon this picture while surfing the photo
website "Flickr" for pictures of Bataan and Balanga. A great-grandson of
Lolo posted it.

 Click the following link to see the picture:

 You can also copy the whole link and  paste it onto your address bar if the
link doesn't go through.

Posted by banzonfamily at 1:04 PM EDT
Email of Victor Banzon Abello
"....Your Banzon family tree website was given to me by Paul Chico (given to him by Pedro Banzon) married to Lara Anastacio. Lara is the daughter of Amelia Banzon Abello, my sister. Her mother  (and mine)Concepcion Banzon  is the daughter of Jacoba Banzon & Buenaventura Banzon. Jacoba Banzon is the daughter of Mauricio Banzon and Leoncia Tuazon; Buenaventura Banzon is the son of Bernabe Banzon whose wife's name escapes everyone else memory. Just  like the wife of Julian  Banzon  in your family tree; his wife's name no one can recall.
      I am interested in the our Banzon family tree also as you can see. and I have finished most of it (it is never finished)  when I went to the Philippines last month. As I peruse your website I know your Banzon family. Emmanuel Banzon was my classmate in Balanga Elementary School and  I know Pedro and Ming of course, I know a little bit of your Mom Rec, and your Auntie Fe Fuentebella is Ate Fe to my wife Elenette (nee Elenette de leon Baltazar ) They being my contemporary and my parents Concepcion Banzon and Tomas Abello is the contemporary of Don Manuel Banzon. Going back to Candido Banzon in your family tree; he was the contemporary of Buenaventura and Jacoba Banzon in my family tree and Julian Banzon the contemporary of Mauricio Banzon and Bernabe Banzon. I had a feeling that this Julian, Mauricio and Bernabe are related also.
     I heard something that there were 4 brothers Banzon, from Pangasinan who all migrated to Bataan. I don't know the source of this or if true. If true this could be the Mauricio, Bernabe, Julian. The 4th one  could be a certain  Don Nicasio Banzon which a friend of mine found a poem by him writen in 1863 with Balanga, Bataan as his address, This last paragraph is just conjecture on my part; but if true we could all tie up the Banzon's in  Balanga. Genealogy hunting is interesting to say the least. It all started with the parents of Julian, Mauricio, Bernabe and Nicasio if we can prove it. Let us try at least. Let me know if you have any leads....."

Posted by banzonfamily at 1:00 PM EDT

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